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Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose & Create a Life of Abundance

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Soul Purpose, let’s start off with a foundational understanding of our Soul. 

Our Soul is our eternal essence that is an extension of Source/Creator/Spirit. Our Soul is infinite, formless and pure awareness. 

If you are reading this article, it’s likely you have been called an old soul which means you have lived many many past lives and carry wisdom from countless incarnations before this one. 

Prior to arriving on earth, our Soul decides what our mission is, who our human family is, the struggles and lessons we need to learn, the karmic patterns that must be played out, and we have our spiritual team supporting us every step of the way. 

When we incarnate here on earth, we arrive with amnesia, where we forget our true cosmic nature and origins. We then go about our human existence, embracing the highs and lows of the lessons, challenges & expansions along the way. 

At some point in our journey, we will experience a spiritual awakening that truly wakes us up to our Truth. This then causes us to undergo many ego deaths and what no longer serves us falls away. Our life shifts and the deeper purpose and meaning for our existence takes on a new quest (and for more on the spiritual awakening process, tune into episode 2 of Soul Space by Steph Podcast

There then comes a point where we are truly questioning what our Soul Purpose is and how we can be of service while also creating life on our own terms, one that feels abundant, expansive and fulfilling. 

…So, let’s get into Soul Purpose, what is it exactly? 

Yes, your divine mission and soul calling is a part of it but it’s not simply WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it. 

Before arriving at the full clarity of what your mission and calling is, your Soul Purpose is to remember and embrace your divine essence. You are a spiritual being in human form.

For all of us Soul’s on earth, we are here to learn, heal, evolve and be of service. It’s not to say that we are all going to step into the healing arts professionally but, for example, it can show up as the art and beauty we create. That is one way of being of service to the collective. 

We each have a unique energetic blueprint, frequency and purpose for existing. The state of your being, the presence that you hold, the light you shine and the love you share, are all extensions of your Soul Purpose.

Your Soul Purpose is to reconnect with your natural gifts and talents, and bring forward the archetypes that you innately possess. This could be the Teacher, Healer, Writer, and Guide in you, as some examples. 

At the core, Spirit wants you to be fully you, in your truest, most unapologetic expression. The you beyond the pain, “should's”, survival programming and modern day conditioning.  

It is then, in your highest potential and magnetic authenticity, that the frequency at which you vibrate can have a positive ripple effect in the collective. 

...and how do we awaken our Soul Purpose? 

This is done through intentional inner healing. 

There are blocks and wounds that must be cleared in order for your Soul gifts to truly come online. 

We must look at this holistically and address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers when we are on our healing journey. 

Physically, this is creating safety in your body, your environment, and in your connection to mother earth. It is only when your sense of survival and self-preservation no longer carries fear in it, can you truly be grounded. 

Mentally, this could look like creating more awareness of your ego (the inner critic’s voice) and limiting beliefs such as I am not enough, I am not lovable, I am not worthy. We also must cultivate a relationship with and transmute the fears we carry such as the fear of being judged, fear of being seen, fear of failing, fear of being rejected, etc. 

Emotionally, we must heal our toxic attachments, habits, and patterns in our life that are keeping us small or stuck in victimhood. Our inner child must become front and center, so we can also better understand our wounds stemming from abandonment, neglect and betrayal. 

Spiritually, we are then looking at ancestral and past life healings. This is where we may also be interested in tapping into the akashic records for soul level wisdom to be accessed. You may also be drawn to energy healing such as reiki and quantum healing to support your etheric bodies. 

There’s a lot more to be said on this but for the sake of this blog, I’m keeping it brief :) 

It’s important to note that healing is a tender process that takes time. It is not linear and it’s never fully complete.

We will always be students learning deeper lessons of acceptance, worthiness, forgiveness, trust, surrender, and compassion — all in an effort to reclaim our sovereignty, divinity, and inherent wholeness.

To close this out, I will say that the best part about cultivating your Soul Purpose is the abundance that is created, and I say abundance in all its forms. Not just the financial prosperity but the blissful state of being. When you truly awaken, align and embody your Soul Purpose, you understand what it means to become the conscious creator of your life. One where your intuition is the leading voice and you are guided by your passions and heart desires.

To hear more about what I have been able to create in my life through my inner healing work, awakening to my soul purpose and embodying my spiritual gifts, listen to episode 3 of the Soul Space by Steph Podcast. I also share more about my personal story in episode 1.

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Hi Flor da Vida community, 

I’m Steph, a former Corporate Leader turned Soul Purpose Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Breathwork Guide & Reiki Master. I'm a first-gen, Brazilian-Cuban-American and now reside in Northern New Jersey with my husband and puppy :)

I facilitate the monthly Feminine Awakening Circle’s at Flor da Vida and felt called to share more on the vast and multi-layered topic of SOUL PURPOSE. This is the work I teach & love.

I guide & support spiritual women to awaken their soul purpose so they can create a soul-led life, one rooted in purpose, freedom, abundance and impact. If you'd like to explore working with me 1:1, you can read more on my website & send me a warm hello on Instagram @stephaniepereiralima


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