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New Mom Care

In a world where new mothers often feel overlooked, Flor Da Vida offers New Jersey's Premier Postnatal Massage Experience. With over 15 years of experience, here, we understand the challenges you face after childbirth and provide specialized care to help you heal and thrive.

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Whether you are on day one or 3 months into postpartum, our new mom care treatment is tailored to address the specific needs of postpartum, offering relief from common discomforts such as sore muscles and fatigue. Through gentle, nurturing touch, we aim to support your physical recovery and promote relaxation.

Beyond the physical benefits, Flor Da Vida provides a nurturing environment where you are heard, seen and loved.

Step into Flor Da Vida and experience the healing power of our postnatal healing arts. Let our miracle touch support and guide you through this transformative journey of motherhood.

Mother and Baby

How does it work?

Our New Mom Care offers a transformative three-part treatment series. The journey begins with the first session, where we create a sacred space to honor and celebrate your journey into motherhood. This session includes a peaceful meditation and an opportunity for you to share your birth experience. It is followed by manual therapy focusing on the upper body: neck, face, shoulders, arms, chest, and abdomen, over a delightful 90 minutes.


The following two sessions are scheduled within 15 days of the initial one. The second session targets the lower body, while the third session provides a comprehensive full-body massage experience concluding the treatment.

Mother Baby Bonding

New Mom Care

Natural Healing

Why this treatment is unique?

Elements Included

The Nourishing Postnatal Care experience is entirely customized to meet your unique needs. We incorporate various elements to elevate the treatment, such as aromatherapy, heat therapy, CBD balm, cupping, reiki, and warm towels. Our approach seamlessly blends the best of both worlds, offering a harmonious fusion of restorative care and the indulgence of a spa experience. Prepare to be transported to a realm of pure bliss!

Abdominal Massage & Ozone Steam

Throughout all sessions, we incorporate an abdominal/womb massage with ozone steam. This traditional practice, rooted in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, recognizes birth as a cold event. By bringing warmth back to the body, we support the healing process, helping you regain balance and vitality as you transition into motherhood.

Reserve Now

Step 1

Select the Nourishing Postnatal Care - Session I

Step 2

Choose the best date. Ideally after 7-10 days postpartum

Step 3

At checkout, select "EXPLORE PLANS" to add the New Mom Care Plan to your purchase.

Alex Black, NJ

Deby creates such a relaxing, safe space for pre and postpartum. I couldn't have survived my pregnancy without her massages.
Love love love this place! The atmosphere is everything calming and zen. I always feel welcomed at any event/experience I have here! Thank you!!
Flor Da Vida has become part of my healing journey. Forever grateful!
Headshot 1.jpeg

Flor da Vida is the definition of a healing space. Personally, Deby has been amazing in my postpartum healing journey. She is extremely caring and is truly great at what she does. Professionally, as someone who works in women's health, I love that I can refer patients here during any phase of womenhood and know they will be empowered and taken care of.

Dr Alicia Ferriere, PT, DPT, FAFS, PRC

Physical Therapist 

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