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Beginner's Journey to Womb Wisdom

Embark on a three day online journey of women's rites of passage. These are moments of TRANSFORMATION in our lives. Each WOMAN and each story is unique! You are invited to reclaim these portals and experience the POWER of this initiatory journey.


  • 3 initiation portals 

  • Rite of passage 

  • Access to free recorded classes 

  • 3 powerful connection meditations with Divine Feminine

  • Journal Prompts for each portal - discover the magic of the feminine essence

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Day 1

Menarche: A Journey of Renewal and Self-Discovery

Join us for a transformative day exploring the significance of menarche, the beginning of our fertile life. Delve into the impact of this pivotal moment and discover how to redefine your relationship with menstruation. Through guided meditations and journal prompts, embrace the magic of the feminine essence and embark on a journey of renewal and self-discovery.

Day 2

Embracing Sexual Initiation: Healing and Empowerment

Experience a day dedicated to embracing sexual initiation as a path to healing and empowerment. Explore your memories and beliefs surrounding this sacred moment, uncovering any blockages or traumas. Through transformative practices and reflection, reclaim your relationship with sexual pleasure and intimacy, and rediscover the vital energy that nourishes your soul.


Day 3

Motherhood: A Celebration of Transformation and Possibility

Celebrate the transformative power of motherhood in a day dedicated to embracing its depth and possibility. Whether you are a mother or aspire to be one, explore the profound shifts and challenges inherent in this journey. Reflect on your desires and aspirations beyond biological children, and discover the magic of conceiving new dreams and possibilities in your life. Join us for a day of reflection, connection, and celebration of the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Are you ready to reclaim your power and embrace the fullness of your being? Sign up now for the Female Portals Journey and awaken to the possibilities that await within you.
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