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May Special

White Rose Ritual

White Rose Ritual 

It's back and you DON’T want to miss it!


Well aside from the fact that you will leave this session smelling like a sexy, luxurious box of premium chocolates with an all-satin bow on top. 
There are amazing benefits too!

60 min        $145     Price per person




Body & Mind Benefits

The polyphenols from red grapes are some of the most effective natural antioxidants.

It is scientifically proven that the polyphenols have an elevated antioxidant capacity, higher than that of vitamins C and E. They help neutralize free radicals, the main cause for premature skin aging. When this experience is over, the result will be an extremely soft, smooth, and bright skin, accompanied by a feeling of extreme relaxation.

White cocoa butter also has multiple antioxidant properties, high hydration and anti-aging power.


Our Swedish massage is performed by applying rhythmic and smooth movements over the body, which provides muscle relaxation, improves blood circulation, relieves tension and leaves you feeling rejuvenated!

This is a unique and unforgettable experience designed exclusively for Flor da Vida. 
  • Relieves and alleviates stress and fatigue
  • Returns energy and vitality to the body
  • Nourishes and hydrates the skinkkinin
Service & Ritual consists of:

● Oil/ cocoa butter application
● Massage session of approximately 50 Min duration
● Aromatherapy reception
● Relaxing music to set the mood
● Our signature LOVE hot tea

Contraindicated for:

- People with infectious diseases

- Pregnant

- People under cancer treatment

- People with skin issues

- People with open wounds


This service MUST be booked between 02/01/2023 - 03-16-2023, otherwise your credit will applied to another service we offer.

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