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Pregnancy & Childbirth

"The womb is not only a vessel for carrying a growing child, but also a sacred space where new life is nurtured and prepared for its journey into the world. Pregnancy and childbirth are powerful reminders of the strength, resilience, and beauty of the human body and spirit." - Flor Da Vida Wellness"

Welcome to our Flor Da Vida's Pregnancy and Childbirth Services page, where we offer a range of nurturing and holistic services to support you through every stage of your pregnancy and childbirth journey.

At our center, we understand the importance of personalized care and strive to provide each mother with the support and guidance she needs to feel confident and empowered throughout her pregnancy and childbirth journey.


Whether you are seeking relaxation, healing, or emotional support, we are here to help you achieve your goals and have a positive and memorable pregnancy and childbirth experience.


Recommended Services

Watch Dr. Jill explaining about Hawaiian Pregnancy-Hapai Lomi Lomi


Science demonstrates that we can train our autonomic nervous system to support our well-being. Evidence-based techniques and technology provide objective and measurable ways to see improvements in physiological and behavioral functioning.


Delicious Birth with HeartMath® 

During pregnancy, using the Heart- Focused Breathing self-regulation strategy designed to reduce the intensity of a stress reaction and to establish a calm, but alert state. It helps you to take a “time-out” where you can step back and neutralize depleting emotions.

When preparing for birth, a smooth heart rhythm, measured by heart-rate variability (HRV), helps you reach a highly regenerative state that helps you flow more easily through birth and builds your resilience capacity.

HeartMath® helps you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart – your heart’s intuition – which awakens you to the best version of yourself.


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Deby is amazing. I have gotten regular prenatal massages from her during the last trimester of both of my pregnancies. As a mom of a 2 year old with another on the way (and in the midst of a pandemic) she knows just what to do to help me clear my head, focus on myself and my baby. It's literally the only hour of the week that I can begin to turn off all the other thoughts and take a little bit of time for myself. It's hard for me to connect to my baby with a toddler on my mind, but she helps me connect, while also giving me the space to relax and leave rejuvenated. She is so kind, caring and attentive, starting sessions off with a meditation of sorts to help me get in the mindset of self care. And also scheduling in such a way that I never feel rushed. I can take the time I need after to get ready to go back into the world. I have had a lot of hip pain and back tension with this pregnancy, and she always knows what to do to alleviate the pain and help me relax. I also love the mix of oils she uses to help set a calming atmosphere. If you haven't gotten a prenatal massage I highly recommend going to Deby. She will not disappoint you.

Courtney Ginsberg, NJ

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