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Welcome! It's wonderful to have you here. I'm Débora Marchetti, and with my background in Physical Therapy and a deep passion for women’s wellness, I’ve developed my practice to help women reconnect with their feminine wisdom. By combining bodywork, energy work, aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbalism, and meditations, I believe that these methods can truly help women connect with their delicious soul essence.

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"My mission is to welcome you, demystify any fear, and offer you the tools to live your life to its full potential while staying connected with your true self. I aim to create a safe space for the divine feminine, so you can enhance your relationship with your own body."


Flor Da Vida Experience

We specialize in prenatal and postnatal care, ensuring your experience is tailored to your needs and preferences!


Embark on a three day online journey of women's rites of passage. These are moments of TRANSFORMATION in our lives. Each WOMAN and each story is unique! You are invited to reclaim these portals and experience the POWER of this initiatory journey.

If you're ready to deeply explore your inner power and womb wisdom, click here to learn about our Womb Wellness Program



"I had the absolute best massage with Débora. She is sweet, patient, attentive, & intentional with everything she does. You are gifted much more than a massage, it is a FULL healing experience. I left feeling relaxed, pain free, & grounded throughout my day. I have already told friends & family about her amazing healing hands. I will be back on her table as soon as possible!"


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