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Knowing Your Child through Their Natal Chart: A Conscious Parenting Class

Learning your Child’s Natal Chart Will Deepen Your Understanding of Your Whole Child &

How to Parent with More Ease & Less Fight-from Toddlers to Teens

Learning your child’s natal chart is life-changing for you as a parent. It is the difference between sitting with your child in a dark room trying to “see” them or sitting outside on a beautiful sunny day having a picnic, where you know exactly what they will enjoy or dislike, how they will interact with others, how others will likely perceive them, how they will feel secure, how they will feel about themselves and the whole experience.

Further, by looking at the whole natal chart, the blueprint of our life’s journey in a snapshot of the sky, you will gain a deep understanding and respect for your child’s own unique experience in this life.

Our children choose us!

As Mothers, we are the Creator portal through which our children come through as a Soul embodied, to live their own human life.

As Fathers, we have taken the crucial first action step to creating the blueprint of who your child is to be by fertilizing the egg of our child’s potential.

Whether we are Mother or Father our role is to accept that it is our greatest honor, gift and responsibility to be our child’s unconditionally loving guides and unshakeable support on their path to becoming their highest and best selves.

Our children are our biggest teachers – and offer us the opportunity to break ancestral conditioning and to heal our own inner child by not repeating the unconscious, dysfunctional patterns of how we were raised.

And it is never too late to awaken as a parent, you can always change course, heal yourself and offer healing to your children. By learning your child’s natal chart you are learning how to work with (not against) their unique energies.

Whether your child is 2 months or 42 years, it is never too early or too late to become a more conscious parent who loves and supports your child for who they uniquely are in this precious human life.

For so many of us who are already parenting more consciously, this course will prove to be deeply validating about what you have probably already observed and intuitively felt about your child(ren). This course will up-level your parenting skills by going deeper into who your children came here to BE and how you can best support them – while also healing your own inner child.


Week 1: Conscious Parenting & Sun Sign

Conscious Parenting - What it means to be a conscious parent & breaking ancestral conditioning & patterns, what triggers really are, “parental tools in the toolbox”, holding space, giving ourselves grace & compassion. Astrology covered in this course, overview of a natal chart.

Sun – my child’s sense of self, personality, connection to the Father, what house/sign is it placed in and what do these layers mean (how they will uniquely shine).

Week 2: Moon & Ascendent (Rising) Signs

Moon – my child’s inner, emotional self, processing emotions, emotional intelligence, connection to the Mother.

Ascendant/Rising – how others view, perceive my child, the energy they project to others.

Week 3: The Planets

Mercury – my child’s mental processing, inner talk, communication style, learning style.

Venus – my child’s values, self-worth, love language, passion.

Mars – my child’s physical vitality, how they take action, level of assertiveness.

Week 4: Unlocking the Destiny

Chiron – my child’s emotional wounding, that which they can heal to then support others. Generational/Personal layers.

North Node & South Node- My child’s destined growth & their past life skills/experience

Final Q & A

Course Details:

This class will meet every Sunday at Flor da Vida Wellness Center in Verona, NJ from 2-4pm for 4 weeks.

Each 2-hour class in this 4-week course will be recorded, so you will have this information forever. If you miss a class or just want to re-learn material once the course is finished, you have it always.

The cost is $400 and must be paid in full before the first class begins. We cannot make adjustments to pricing or class time if you are unable to attend all 4 classes.

Each class will begin with a 10-minute inner child healing meditation and then we will have 2 hours to learn the week’s material, with one break after the first hour.


Donna Kass | Empowered Sound Healing & Astrology

Internationally Certified Meditation Instructor, Sound Healing Practitioner and Astrology Teacher. Author of Hold The Light, Haiku to Connect with Your Highest Self.

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