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New Mom Care

""The womb is the cradle of life, postpartum is the journey of rebirth, and menopause is the awakening of wisdom. Each stage is a testament to the power and resilience of the female body." - Flor Da Vida Wellness"

Welcome to our page dedicated to New Mom Care page. We understand that postnatal phase can bring a lot of physical and emotional changes. That's why we offer a range of services to help you navigate these transitions with ease and grace.

Our services vary from helping new mothers heal and recover from childbirth, to luxurious womb spas and emotional trauma release sessions.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel supported, nourished, and empowered during this transformative phase of life.


Recommended Services

Closing the Bones Ceremony

The Closing the Bones ritual, also known as the Sealing ceremony, is a sacred and deeply affectionate practice with profound significance. It beautifully recognizes the intricate dance of childbirth, where a woman's body, heart, and soul expand to bring forth life.


Childbirth is a sacred journey of unveiling—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. However, as the baby is born, a transition occurs, and the body requires a tender conclusion. This sealing process invites back the life force energy, known as 'chi' or 'prana,' into the core channels within us—the very channels we once shared with our precious little one. It's a restoration of balance, a reunion with the self, and a return to the sacred rhythm of life.


This rebalancing and reconnection can be facilitated through various spiritual modalities, such as Reiki healing, sound therapy, and the power of intention. The Rebozo, a traditional Mexican shawl, is intricately woven into this sacred tapestry, carrying the energy of generations of women.



Bengkung Bellybinding


During pregnancy, the intricate interplay of hormones causes ligaments to stretch, gently loosening the pelvic floor structure. This natural process allows the pelvic bones to gracefully open, making way for the birth of your precious baby—a marvel of nature that may leave a mother feeling a bit unsteady on her feet.


After giving birth, the pelvic floor may retain a gentle looseness and instability for up to five months. Here, the beautiful practice of belly binding becomes significant. It acts as a gentle guide, expediting the realignment process and restoring everything to its rightful place. Moreover, it offers relief from the back pain that can accompany the immediate postnatal period—a nurturing embrace for a mother's body that often goes unnoticed.



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